Speaking Out

This is a collection of my commentaries on various topics which I feel strongly about.


With our politicians calling for qualified teachers. I feel the need to put up this page to remind those who we vote for to represent us that a teaching degree is not cheep. With the small salaries that many teachers make, the cost of that teaching degree becomes a real burden to pay back. I ask our politicians to help these future educators by passing legislation to ensure that our teachers have the best possible education so that these teachers can give the children of tomorrow a better opportunity to learn.

Contact your Missouri Congressmen.

Below is also a better economic stimulus package for the President.

Better Economic Stimulus Package: An Apology to God

No Mr. President, Our Economy isn't more important than the Environment.

Supreme Supreme Court  decision giving states a right to recover. 

Has it ever occurred to them that God wouldn’t have been so generous in his gift if he didn’t want the upper class to look after the poor and the handicapped?