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A Memorial For Child Victims of Violence Honoring
 the Memories of the Murdered Children of Missouri
  Visit my other memorial for murdered children from the Missoui border states of NE, OK, IA, KS, IL, KY, AR and TN  

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"Lord bless all of the children who have fallen victim to crimes of violence. May we remember their names in our hearts and their families in our prayers."

I think it was Cassidy Senter's mother, Rhonda Senter, who said that no one ever remembers the victims and those words had been my inspiration for this website.

If you know of a Missouri area child which has been lost to violent crime please e-mail me so that I may have them added to this online memorial. I also have another memorial for children murdered in NE, OK, IA, KS, IL, KY, AR and TN. If you know about a child murdered in these other states who should not be forgotten then please notify me. My other site is

Child Age Location Date
Tammy Smith 15 Springfield 07-12-82
Thomas S. Allen 16 Doniphan 01-06-85
Kirk Buckner 14 Marshfield 09-25-87
Dennis Buckner 8 Marshfield 09-25-87
Tim Buckner 6 Marshfield 09-25-87
Michael Buckner 2 Marshfield 09-25-87
Gena Dawn Brooks  13 Fredricktown 08-05-89 MISSING
Charles Arlin Henderson 11 Moscow Mills 07-25-91 MISSING
Angel Hart 5 Independence 02-24-93
Angie Housman 9 St. Ann 11-18-93
Cassidy Senter 10 Hazelwood 12-01-93
Christine Smetzer 15 Florissant 01-24-95
Tyler Jon Feeney 6 Springfield 02-25-95
Jennifer Lynne Feeney 18 mo Springfield 02-25-95
Crystal Brooks 13 St. Louis County 03-20-97
Jennifer Lynn DeShone 12 Orchard Farm 04-29-97
Stephanie Mahaney 13 Springfield 10-16-97
Adrian Brouk 12 Vienna 02-01-98
Kyle Brouk 9 Vienna 2-01-98
Megan Scherer 12 Portageville 03-28-98
Tiffany Sabourin 13 Wentzville 04-25-98
Michaela McClelland 11 Kansas City 06-17-98
Erin Vanderhoef's unborn child 0 Springfield 01-19-99
Jimmy Vanderhoef 11 Springfield 01-19-99
Chris Franklin Vanderhoef 10 Springfield 01-19-99
Darlene Vanderhoef 8 Springfield 01-19-99
David Ray Swindle 17 Houston 08-29-99
Larry Bass 8 Kansas City 10-20-99
Gary Bass 8 Kansas City 10-22-99
Emily Wood 7 Warrensburg 02-14-00
Hannah Wood 5 Warrensburg 02-14-00
Jared Wood 10 Warrensburg 02-14-00
Joshua Wood 8 Warrensburg 02-14-00
Sara LeeAnn Tibbetts 3 Blackwater 03-16-00
William Weatherford 3 Russellville 04-01-00
Sheena Rae McDonald 12 Columbia 05-16-00
Constance S. Porter 2 Kansas City 02-12-01
Erica Michelle Maria Green Precious Doe 3 Kansas City 04-??-01
Steffini Wilkins 13 Hannibal 05-25-01
Melanie Cunningham 10 Fenton 07-18-01
Katee Hessler 18 Josephville 08-30-01
Sarah McCoy 15 Easton 12-03-01
Alexis Smothers 23 mo Independence 02-21-02
Breanna Fletcher 2 Cassville 04-04-02
Anthony Buhr 3 Independence 06-06-02
BreAnna Leonard 19 mo Independence 07-17-02
Cassandra Casey Williamson 6 Valley Park 07-26-02
Raynell James 2 Springfield 08-21-02
Levi Booth 11 Cameron 08-27-02
Matthew Horne 11 St. Louis County 06-19-03
Anne Horne 9 St. Louis County 06-19-03

Our Goal is to show compassion to the victims families and friends, not to display and credit the killers handiwork,  something appreciated by friends of Angie, Casey, Gena, Jake and Tiffany. We don't do death stories or exploit children's memories. (For further info see our policy statement.)

The Book of Sirach in The Old Testament gives a description of Heaven in chapter 43 Verse 11-12, This is evidence of the rainbow in heaven. 

"Behold the rainbow! Then bless its maker, for majestic indeed is its splendor. It spans the heavens with its glory. This bow bent by the mighty hand of God."

To any parents, family or friends visiting my memorial site I'd like to say I'm deeply saddened for your loss.

One school not given coverage that I know is Parkway South Junior High, A student killed one student, wounded another, before committing suicide due to being harassed. I only mention the cause of the shooting here to bring attention to the peer pressure students face and to say that just because their harassment may not produce such a incident, it may leave haunting memories to the victim that never can be replaced. So I ask, Please don't bully another student and ruin a memory!

National school shootings that have taken place include:

  • Springfield, OR
  • Jonesboro or Hope, AK
  • Savannah, GA
  • Pearl, MS
  • Littleton, CO
  • Edinboro, PA
  • Paducah, KY
  • Mount Morris Township, MI
  • Santee, CA

Check out this other website devoted to victims of school shootings

Check out these very good music video tributes:

Aaron Tippin: Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Flies
Darryl Worley:
Have You Forgotten?

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